Planning and Strategy

Tasked with strategising, innovating and ensuring NLDOOSH provides the best quality after school care service is our Management Committee and Leadership Team.

Parent Management Committee

The Parent Management Committee consists of parent volunteers who meet once a term to review the centre’s performance, consider any issues or opportunities and ensure we are on track to achieve against our yearly budget and operational plans. The Committee engages in genuine consultation with staff, families and other stakeholders, which has proved crucial to the successful operation of our centres.

If you have a flair for strategising and innovating you could become a member of our Management Committee by emailing your interest to

Leadership Team

Responsible for the day to day running of the centres, and for implementing the centre’s operational plan, is our Leadership Team. The Leadership Team, led by our Coordinator and Educational Leader, consists of senior members of staff who are highly trained in their areas of expertise. They meet weekly, and as required, to discuss any issues and monitor performance, reporting directly to the Management Committee.