Update Personal Details

HubHello is a new initiative within NLDOOSH. It offers the opportunity for parents/carers to enrol and view the daily program and observations.

To access your account please follow the link below, and use the details provided via email. If you have misplaced your login details please contact us via email nldoosh@bigpond.com or (02) 4957 3480.

Reviewing/changing your information on HubHello
  • Log on to hubhello.com (contact the centre if you require login details or have difficulty logging in). Please use a laptop/PC or tablet for the best experience.
  • Click on “Hi Parent First Name” icon at top-right hand of page
  • Select Profile from the drop-down menu – you are now in the Parent Profile
1. To review/edit address, telephone, email address:

Select “MY IDENTITY” in the Parent Profile – make any necessary changes on this page

2. To review/edit/add/remove emergency contacts:

Select “MY WORLD”in the Parent Profile – make any necessary changes on this page

3. To review/edit medical/dietary details for your child:

Go to the Parent Profile.

Click on icon above your child’s name at the top-left hand of page – you are now in the Child Profile

Select “MY HEALTH” – make any necessary changes on this page


Please only make additions/changes to Emergency Contacts on the Parent Profile/My World page.

There is also a Child Profile/My World page, but changes should not be made on that page as they won’t update correctly into the system.